VECO Vietnam

VECO Vietnam is a country program of Vredeseilanden that is currently implementing sustainable agricultural chain development in the North of Vietnam in Lang Son and Phu Tho Provinces. In line with the global VECO vision and mission, VECO Vietnam’s mission is to contribute to viable livelihoods and empowerment of organized family farmers, male and female in Vietnam through Sustainable Agriculture Chain Development (SACD) at local and regional levels.

When Vredeseilanden was founded in 2001 out of a merger of three Belgian development organizations; Vredeseilanden, FADO and COOPIBO, the organization benefitted from FADO’s experience in Vietnam. FADO had been active in Vietnam since 1994 in mangrove reforestation, micro credits and agriculture.

Between 2003 and 2010 VECO Vietnam worked in Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang and Lang Son Provinces focusing on pig, fruit, fishery, tea, vegetables and rice with the aim to improve food security of farmers through sustainable agricultural practices while increasing their participation in the development process.

In 2011 VECO Vietnam entered its second phase of the program “Improved Family Farmers Access to Sustainable Agricultural Chains” (2008-2013). The program focuses on chain development of rice, tea and safe vegetables in Phu Tho Province (Yen Lap and Viet Tri city) and safe vegetables in Lang Son Province (Lang Son city).